On this page you can participate in IDO and get tokens even before listing on the exchange!

To participate in IDO, you need to get wrapped BNB. We use wrapped BNBs because when interacting with smart contracts, they work better and with greater accuracy. Thus, we guarantee that the collected money will go into the liquidity pool!

IDO stages:
1) IDO is open and you can buy tokens, we record the amount of your purchases to your address from which you bought tokens through a smart contract.

2) After the IDO is completed, the collected money is sent to the liquidity pool, and at that moment a button opens on your website: "Collect tokens".
Don't forget to collect both MOLE and GOLD.

This functionality is necessary for the security of the project. And since you are also becoming part of the project - and for your safety too.

Upon completion of IDO, you can immediately pick up your tokens and use them.

No locks and restrictions!
The IDO smart contract does not pay commissions, so you will receive 100% of your tokens.

You are using a browser not equipped with a web3 provider. You need to install the Metamask extension to use our site!

Please follow our link and see the information on how to install metamask

Link to install the Metamask

You are using a browser not equipped with a web3 provider. You need to open this page through a browser in the Metamask or TrustWallet applications you installed earlier!

Copy this link:

Link to install the Metamask
Link to install the TrustWallet

Connect your Metamask or TrustWallet to our site to interact with the blockchain.


First, select the token you want to buy

Now go to the purchase block. Please do not pull the slider too often, it automatically loads information from the blockchain.

Specify the Buy amount by moving the slider

After the end of the IDO, there will be a form below for collecting tokens


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